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The in-house catering team has the ability to create almost any menu that comes to mind.  With the expertise of our Head Chef Carlos Atkinson, we have put together a number of packages for your perusal.  We are always willing to adhere to client preferences so please let us know if you would like us to design a bespoke menu and quotation.

Canapes.pdf Canapes.pdf
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Type : pdf
Platters.pdf Platters.pdf
Size : 565.995 Kb
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Day Packages.pdf Day Packages.pdf
Size : 549.029 Kb
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Working Lunch.pdf Working Lunch.pdf
Size : 645.714 Kb
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Dinner.pdf Dinner.pdf
Size : 716.954 Kb
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Finger Food.pdf Finger Food.pdf
Size : 605.084 Kb
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Breakfast.pdf Breakfast.pdf
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Wedding Packages.pdf Wedding Packages.pdf
Size : 609.287 Kb
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We recommend a site visit to see what Karaka Pavilion has to offer.  Please contact us to arrange a time.